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Learn to Make the Digital World Your Playground with Rebel Creatives

Elevate yourself  and your business on a transformative journey through the digital world harnessing the latest skills training, practical workshops or digital bootcamps. Start your journey now.


Excel in the digital realm through our expert-led training. From mastering tools to strategic insights, elevate your capabilities and stand out in today's competitive landscape. Your digital success story begins here.


Empower yourself with the knowledge and confidence to navigate the digital world. Our workplaces are becoming increasingly digital. As such, being digitally skilled is no longer a “nice-to-have”, but rather a sought-after necessity.


Our mission is to empower people with the latest skills, knowledge, and confidence through our digital training programs and workshops.

Are you ready to unlock your creative potential? Rebel Creatives is the perfect place to jumpstart your digital journey. Learn the tools and skills you need to create beautiful, engaging content and take your creativity to the next level. We offer a range of courses that are designed to help you gain the knowledge and confidence to take on new challenges. 

Training for Digital Skills with Rebel Creatives

Discover, create, and conquer TikTok in our progressive courses. Navigate beginner basics, explore intermediate techniques, and unlock advanced strategies. Elevate your presence on this dynamic platform.


Explore the art of impactful short-form videos. Our course offers hands-on learning through practical workshops, empowering you to captivate audiences, tell stories, and thrive in the digital age.

Short-form video

Unleash your potential with our this highly popular course. Harness the power of social media platforms to engage, and amplify in the digital world.

Amplifying your brand through social media

Delve into 'Marketing Strategy 101' to master social media tactics, captivating content, and brand enhancement. Elevate your skills in devising effective marketing strategies for impactful results.

Marketing strategy 101

Embark on 'Content Creation 101' to craft compelling narratives. Explore visual aesthetics, storytelling, and strategic posting for social media success. Unleash your creativity with impactful content.

Content Creation

Unlock Instagram's prowess through progressive courses. From beginner's essentials to advanced techniques, master Stories, Reels, Insights, and engagement strategies. Propel your influence with expert-led guidance.


Our most popular course topics

We have delivered talks on stages all over the UK, USA and Europe, and mentored over 50 individuals.
Examples of events range from Creative Cities Convention, The Space, BBC Academy's Production Unlocked, Young Reporters, corporate training days, company away days, youth group events to schools, colleges and university lectures.
We also offer one-to-one mentoring and help guide individuals and businesses with their social media presence, branding, marketing, graphic design and creative confidence.

Training & workshops



The demand for online training has increased tenfold since lockdown with over 5 sessions bring delivered every week. 
We offer online training to small to large businesses, communities, outreach programmes, student groups (college to university levels) and events. All of our sessions are delivered by experienced creative digital specialists. 
Our recommended group size for online training is up to 20 people per session
Digital bootcamps are a fantastic way to gather a diverse community with different talents and work towards self-empowerment, entrepreneurial thinking and practical digital knowledge that will help in areas of employment, further education and personal growth.

We have written programmes and produced a number of digital bootcamps (online and offline) for clients around the UK. We've also produce content creation bootcamps within the music and TV industries and consult on training courses for various age ranges.



Our Clients

A small selection of the brilliant companies we work with.

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